The Beginning of April (Amsterdam)

Excited and anxious for this month to end, I have already hit the month running. This past weekend, I took a trip with some people from the group to Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Thanks to a brother from my fraternity that is currently living there, I was able to stay at his studio. While in Amsterdam, I saw many interesting museums and passed by the notable Red-Light District. I also, on my last day, was able to get a ticket to go to the Anne Frank house. This trip was amazing and by far my favorite city in Europe (besides Seville, Spain, of course). With the semester already coming to an end, I’m excited to go home and see my loved ones but sad to have to leave this place. More to come!

The month of March

Still loving Spain and everything it has to offer, but this month was full of other cultural experiences! When it came to seeing artistic monuments in Seville I went to the Charity and Venerables hospitals, which were beautiful. On an excursion to Cordoba, I was able to see the Mezquita, a Mosque-turned Cathedral that shows a clear transition from Islamic-to-Catholic Spain. After the second set of exams, I went with the guys in the group to Rome, Italy, and saw many amazing, artistic monuments such as the Spanish steps, the Coliseum, and the Imperial Forum.

After my trip in Rome, I came back to Seville only to be surprised by a visit from my mother and my sister. They stayed for about a week and a half, where we took a trip to Paris, France, and I showed them around the city here in Spain. More to come!

The month of February

Things have definitely gotten busy over the past two months, but an exhilarating-busy nonetheless. During the month of February, I continued my weeks of volunteering with the children at the school, saw amazing monuments like the Cathedral of Seville and the Giralda, the Pilatos House, City Hall, and The Indies Archives. While on excursions, I was able to go to Gibraltar, a territory of the U.K that is located at the southern tip of Spain, and Italica, a nearby city to Seville that is home to the still-standing roman made city. More to come!

Weeks 2 & 3 in Spain

It’s been an exciting past couple weeks here in Spain! Since my last post, I’ve seen Lebrija Palace which is close to the school, the city of Granada to visit La Alhambra, then the Alcazar Palace, and lastly a visit to La plaza de toro in the city of Ronda! Besides all the excursions and the schoolwork, I’ve been spending time volunteering for a local school here in Seville teaching english to 11 year olds! More posts and pictures to come!


First week in Seville,Spain

After a long 8-hour flight with no sleep, a troubling time finding the train to get to Seville from Madrid, and a taxi driver that had a hard time finding places in his own city, I made it to my new home. Since we arrived last week Wednesday, the group has been so busy with activities that SAIIE has planned. While visiting many different sceneries and buildings, as well as a Flamenco show that was amazing, Seville already leaves an everlasting impression that solidifies the love I have for this place.